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"RESILIENCE MASK BOX 3x30ml This cooling peel off mask transforms skin from reactive to resilient by removing daily pollutants and impurities and normalising stressed skin and allow it to recover. This mask is ideal for a skin reboot whenever it is misbehaving and it will cool it down and help to soothe any irritation. It is particularly suitable for blemish prone or sensitive skin. Recommended for All skin types It comes in a powder format and needs to be mixed into a smooth paste with warm water. Once it is mixed it needs to be quickly applied to the skin as it will set into a rubbery like layer that can be peeled off the skin after about 10 minutes, leaving it smooth and calm. 98.9% natural, 10% organic, Allergen free " Mix the contents of 1 sachet with 90ml of lukewarm water and blend to a smooth paste. Apply to cleansed skin, avoiding the eye area. For additional benefit, apply on top of a prescription S5 serum to enhance penetration.

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