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S5 - Neutralise Cleanser Luxury Mini 60ml


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"NEUTRALISE CLEANSER LUXURY MINI 60ml Gentle non-foaming gel for normal-oily, sensitive skin with marine & arctic bioactives to cleanse, remove light make-up & protect against environmental stress without causing irritation. This oil free gentle cleanser is perfect for sensitive and blemish prone skin types. It does not disrupt the barrier layer of skin and freshens and cools the skin. It is not possible to remove heavy make up with this product but it could be used as a second cleansing step after the Nourish Cleanser. This product could be used in a regime with the Calm or Purity Serum and the Balance Fluid. Recommended for Normal-Oily, Sensitive Skin 99.62% natural, 80% organic, Allergen free " Gently massage onto dry face, including the eye area to take off light make-up. Rinse off with warm water.

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