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S5 - Illuminate Serum Luxury Mini 10ml


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"ILLUMINATE SERUM LUXURY MINI 10ml Targeted lightening treatment for hyperpigmentation with alpine bioactives to boost luminosity, lighten the appearance of age spots & even out skin tone. Use this serum throughout the summer in combination with an SPF to support the skin when it is exposed to the sun and on any post summer pigmentation. It can be spot applied to areas of pigment throughout the year. This product is also perfect for large or congested pores, skin imperfections and dull tired skin, in combination with the Vitality Mask. Adding this treatment to any moisturiser gives a noticeable overnight exfoliating effect This serum can be mixed into your moisturizer or used by itself on clean dry skin. You can also blend it together with another S5 serum for even quicker results. For example try blending it with the S5 Renew Serum for a double dose of anti ageing and lightening ingredients. Recommended for Hyperpigmentation 99.65% natural, 76% organic, Allergen free " Apply gently to cleansed face & neck. Follow with a moisturiser or other S5 treatment serum.

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