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KeraCare - Protein Styling Gel 115g


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"Works excellently for natural-looking styles as well as for wet looks. Keeps tapered sections of hair right where you want them. Dries to a high sheen with no sticky, greasy residue. Does not flake when used as directed. •Leaves no greasy feel. •Maintains the shape of naturally curly or permanent waved hair with superior hold. •Adds body to permanent curl styles. •Leaves hair with no sticky build up or flakes. •Will not dull hair. •Hair looks shiny and healthy. " Rub a small amount between palms and apply to clean, damp hair. Comb to evenly distribute. Arrange and design as desired. Let dry naturally or under a warm dryer. For Wet Looks, do not comb hair after it is dry. Hair may be re-styled by dampening with water and rearranging for desired placement.

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