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Design Essentials - Gentle Balance Shampoo (473ml)


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"DESIGN ESSENTIALS® Design Essentials Gentle Balance Nourishing Shampoo is a light moisturizing shampoo infused with Rose Hip Oil and Panthenol, to gently cleanse, remove impurities and restore moisture balance. Gentle Balance is also sulfate-free!Try Gentle Balance Nourishing Shampoo today! •Cleanses hair while restoring moisture balance •Easily removes oil and dirt build up without stripping the hair •Natural antioxidants and UV absorbers protect color treated hair from premature fading •Improves hair manageability •Enhance hair appearance while adding body " " Step 1: Wet the hair thoroughly, Step 2: Apply Gentle Balance Sulfate Free Nourishing Shampoo, Step 3: Lather and massage gently into hair and scalp, Step 4: Rinse thoroughly, Step 5: Repeat steps as desired "

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