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Design Essentials - Hydrience Argan Moisturising Creme (113g)


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"DESIGN ESSENTIALS® Hydrience Argan Moisturizing Creme is a lightweight Argan Oil infused moisturizing crème that instantly nourishes and moisturizes the hair. Try HYDRIENCE Argan Moisturizing Creme today! •Restores hair health •Reduces frizz and flyaways •Provides thermal protection from heat styling •Reduces split ends and hair loss •Instantly heals dry and damaged hair " Thermal Protectant, Step 1: Apply to hair and comb through prior to heat styling, Tame Flyaways, Step 1: Finger through or smooth a pea size amount throughout the hair where needed, Home Style Maintenance/Daily Usage, Step 1: Apply dime size to hair and comb through, Step 2: Proceed to style as desired,

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