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Design Essentials - Hydrate Leave-in Conditioner (227ml)


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DESIGN ESSENTIALS HYDRATE LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER is a cream based leave-in conditioner that revitalizes and moisturizes dry thirsty hair. Hydrate Leave-In Conditioner is a gentle, yet effective balance of ingredients to provide you with long lasting moisture. Show your hair some major moisture love with Hydrate Leave-In conditioner today! Botanical extracts instantly soften and moisturize hair that is extremely dry and brittle Quickly penetrates the cuticle and delivers moisture to prevent hair breakage Leaves a brilliant shine on the hair Ideal for dry or coarse hair Can be used weekly or on dry hair in between shampoos Detangles on contact Wet Hair:, Step 1: Shampoo and condition the hair and towel blot, Step 2: Apply a dime size of Hydrate Leave-In Hydrating Conditioner to short hair, nickel size for medium hair or quarter size for long hair into palm and emulsify, Step 3: Apply to hair and comb through. DO NOT RINSE, Step 4: Proceed to style, set or blow-dry, Dry Hair:, Step 1: Measure a dime size into palm, emulsify and spread onto hair, Step 2: Proceed to comb and style as desired

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