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Design Essentials - Sleek Edge Control (2oz)


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DESIGN ESSENTIALS SLEEK EDGE CONTROL is a moisturizing, firm hold smoothing gel that smoothes edges while creating sleek styles. SLEEK Edge Control is one of the most trusted and highest selling edge control products on the market today. Try it for yourself and see why SLEEK Edge Control is America’s “go-to” solution for every hair type! Provides a firm hold to tame unruly hair Moisturizes and smoothes hair edges Provides a beautiful finished polish to hair styles with an intense shine Provides texture to short styles Short Styles:, Step 1: Apply a nickel to quarter size amount of SLEEK Edge Control to dry hair, Step 2: Manipulate the hair into desired style, Hairline Smoothing:, Step 1: Apply a fingertip portion of SLEEK Edge Control to the hairline of natural or relaxed hair, Step 2: Smooth with a brush or small tooth comb for a sleek finish

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